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BOTT (Bachelor of Operation Theater Technology)

A Bachelor of Operation Theater Technology (BOTT) is an undergraduate degree program that trains students in the technical aspects of operating theatre management and anaesthesia. Operation theatre technology refers to the specialized field of healthcare that involves the management and maintenance of operating theatres and the equipment used during surgical procedures.

The BOTT program typically takes four years to complete and includes coursework in areas such as anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, medical terminology, sterilization techniques, and patient care. Students also receive hands-on training in the use of various surgical instruments and equipment, as well as in the administration of anaesthesia.

BOTT Courses

Graduates of the BOTT program are qualified to work as operation theatre technicians, assisting surgeons and other medical professionals during surgical procedures. They may also be responsible for sterilizing and maintaining operating theatre equipment, preparing patients for surgery, and monitoring patients during and after surgery.

In addition to their technical skills, operation theatre technicians must also have strong communication and teamwork skills, as they work closely with surgeons, nurses, and other medical professionals in a fast-paced and high-stress environment. They must also be able to handle sensitive and confidential information with discretion and maintain a high level of professionalism at all times.

Overall, a Bachelor of Operation Theater Technology program provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to work in a critical and essential role in the healthcare industry, helping to ensure the safety and success of surgical procedures.

To be eligible for admission to a BOTT program in India, candidates must meet the following educational and age requirements:

Eligibility Criteria
  • Educational requirements:
  • Candidates must have completed 10+2 with Science subjects (Biology, Physics, and Chemistry) from a recognized board.
  • Candidates must have a minimum of 45% marks in the qualifying examination.
  • Age requirements:
  • Candidates must be at least 17 years old at the time of admission.
  • Some institutions may have a higher minimum age requirement.